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How to order

Choose the height and the amount of panels needed to cover your wall. ( The width of each panel is 18.25 inches).

Let's say the surface you want to cover has a width of 224 inches, a height of 92 inches and a plinth height of 4 inches.

First, we must determine the required height of the panels.

The wall height is 92 inches, we must make sure to add at least 2 inches at the top and bottom of the wall to be used as safety margin during installation.

In this case, a height of 96 inches (8 feet) is sufficient.

To calculate the number of panels that we will need, we will have to divide the width of the surface, by the width of the panels.

224 inches (surface width) ÷ 18.25 inches (panel width) = 12.27.

To cover this area, you will need 13 panels 8 feet high.